"Summerisa Bell Stevens is pitch perfect, and just about steals the show, as Doralee Rhodes, her boundless enthusiasm and twangy voice being well suited to the great one-liners she hands out, as well as for engaging numbers like "Backwoods Barbie.”

- Broadway World 

"The very talented Summerisa Bell Stevens stars as Doralee, the role made famous by Dolly Parton, and she is delightful……funny, good-looking and boy can she sing. (She even somersaults!)"

- CBS St. Louis 


"Her solo on the lovely song "Falling" makes a lasting impression, as does her enormously entertaining and charming rendition of "Trouble" with Candice Marie Woods. Summerisa's dance moves are particularly amazing in "Teach Me How to Shimmy." She shimmies through the entire number showing off the costume by Tiffany Howard that added so much to the choreography."

- Broadway World 

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"Summerisa Bell Stevens and Jordan Anton are mesmerizing as Caprice and Heather, respectively. It speaks volumes about their performances that one can see and feel the physical and emotional transformations unfolding in the short span of a ten minute film..."

-  The Independent Critic


"The acting is fantastic by the two leads. The girls convey everything from innocence, self-obsession, and sadness and are also able to make the audience feel sorry for them while at the same time making us disgusted with them."

- Anything Horror