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Summerisa Bell Stevens is an American Actress based in New York City. Having started at the age of three, Summerisa discovered her loved of performing when she took her first dance class. Throughout childhood, she attended ballet, gymnastics, piano, and voice lessons. Five hours of after school training was "the normal," and she loved it! 

Summerisa went on to study acting, music and dance at Brigham Young University. While attending, she was selected to tour nationally and internationally with BYU's elite musical theater group and with the Ballroom Dance Company.  During her junior year she was asked to join the Jazz Dance Faculty at BYU. She taught for the University throughout her junior and senior years in addition to her own studies and commitments to rehearsals. 

After graduating from BYU, she moved to New York in April of 2013 and has been working consistently ever since. Summerisa feels honored to have a career in the arts;  something she believes can transform communities, minds, and the lives of anyone who experiences it.